About Rhinoplasty

    how closed rhinoplasty is performed

    Before Rhinoplasty Surgery

    This young woman wanted a thinner stronger bridge and profile. In addition, her tip was too round and large. She wanted more definition and shape to this part of her nose.The solution involved inserting a small implant into the bridge. In addition, the tip was refined by incorporating a natural cartilage graft under the skin.

    Rebuilding The Nose

    Strengthening the bridge

    Implant inserted under the skin of the bridge through her nostril in order to thin and define her bridge.

    Sharpening the tip

    The red structure represents a cartilage graft inserted into the tip of the nose to shape it. The blue image represents the patients original cartilage



    Refined tip and reduced nostril size after closed rhinoplasty surgery.

    After Rhinoplasty Surgery

    The Bridge of Nose Is Now Thin And Well Defined. The Tip Is Small and Feminine. These photos were taken over one year after rhinoplasty. It takes this amount of time for most, if not all of the subtle swelling to disappear. We see a natural, attractive, and feminine outcome. It should be noted that the final shape and size of the nose can differ significantly for each individual patient. The results seen in this particular patient can not necessarily be duplicated exactly in someone else’s nose.

    "Your magic is far stronger than these “red ruby slippers”. My nose is truly a work of art."

    - Lauren C View More Patient Reviews