1 Person, 3 Nose Jobs – The Realities of Revision Rhinoplasty

Without knowing anything else about them, what would you think about a person that has had three nose jobs before turning 25? If you are like most people, you are probably judging them a little bit. Perhaps thinking they are vain, shallow, or addicted to going under the knife. In many cases, you would be right. But a recent article on Refinery29 tells the story of a young woman who decided to have a third nose job for all the right reasons.

Hannah Salberg had her first nose job when she was just two-and-a-half years old. A dog bit off her nostril and she had to undergo emergency surgery to repair her nose. Fast forward to when she is 21 and she has a second surgery for medical reasons, but also has the doctor do some cosmetic work. And she doesn’t like the results. So, she had surgery again three years later for purely cosmetic reasons, and now she loves her nose.

She makes some wonderful points in her story that I would like to expand upon a bit.

Don’t Rush into a Nose Job

Hannah didn’t have a choice when she had her first nose job, it was an emergency. But her second nose job, even though there were medical reasons for it, was a choice. She talks about how she wishes she had taken more time to research doctors and the procedure itself before jumping at the chance to go under the knife. This is great advice for anyone thinking about getting a nose job.

Make sure you know what you options are. There are multiple types of nose job procedures and each has their own benefits.

Pay attention when your doctor tells you what steps you should take to prepare for surgery, and be prepared for what your recovery will feel and look like.

Find a Plastic Surgeon You are Comfortable With

Part of preparing for surgery is finding a doctor you are comfortable with. It should be someone that shares your vision and makes you feel at ease. You should also work with someone who has proven themselves in the operating room.

A successful surgery will make you feel as good as you look.

The best part about Hannah’s story is her emphasis on confidence. Having a third nose job was about much more to her than looking a certain way. Her story really does prove that when you love your nose, you love yourself.

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