Why Is It Called a Nose Job?

Why is rhinoplasty called a “nose job”?

Nose job? How do you feel about the term “nose job” being used for a surgical procedure? Even though you will not find it in medical dictionaries, it has certainly become a part of the vernacular.  Chances are, in the not too distant future, you will be able to look in a standard, highly respected medical dictionary and there it will be. But should it? When a brain surgeon goes to work, nobody calls it a brain job. Break your leg and it’s unlikely that anyone in the emergency room will utter the words “needs a leg job, stat!” So why do we refer to rhinoplasty as a nose job?

Without surveys and research, the simplest explanation suggests that, because nose surgery is often done to change appearance, rather than motivated by a medical necessity, it invites a certain denigrating attitude. At least this used to be the case. Not all that long ago, many people went to great lengths to hide the fact that they were having any sort of cosmetic surgery done. Vanity and a preoccupation with one’s appearance was not looked upon with favor.

The good news is that all of that has been rapidly changing. Just try to check out at the grocery store and not see photos and headlines about celebrities showing off the latest work they have had done. And why not? There are lots of good reasons to have nose surgery, and feeling good about how you look is just as valid as any of the others.

According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), in 2016, there were more than 17 million cosmetic surgeries performed in the U.S. and the nose job was one of the most popular. Typically, most nose surgeries are either done to improve appearance or alleviate an issue caused by a structural abnormality or injury. Some examples of benefits resulting from these procedures include:

  • Confidence building – improving confidence is the number one motivator for a nose job. Two areas where this can be particularly significant are:
    • Bullying – according to the National Center for Educational Studies, nearly one in three students in the U.S. are bullied. Much of that bullying centers on “looking different” and many parents are turning to cosmetic surgery as one of the ways to help.
    • Career – nose surgery increases the level of confidence which translates to stronger job performance. Plus, all fairness aside, appraisal reviews and promotions often correspond to younger and attractive appearance.
  • Breathing –long-term, even congenital, breathing issues affect health and quality of life. Rhinoplasty can reduce and even totally eliminate this issue.
  • Correct broken nose – the nasal deformity resulting from some sort of trauma to the nose can negatively affect appearance and function, as well as create chronic pain and discomfort.
  • Sinus problems – ongoing congestion, breathing difficulties and headaches, sometimes severe, are all related to sinus issues and can be alleviated through nose surgery.
  • Correct birth defects – lumps, masses, clefts, underdevelopment and other manifestations of birth defects can create breathing problems and can be psychologically devastating. Nowhere is the life-changing potential of rhinoplasty more evident than in the correction of birth defects.
  • Facial symmetry restoration – many issues, like noses that are misshapen or crooked or have a bulbous tip, leading to the face appearing out of balance, can be addressed.
    Snoring – often treated as a joke, snoring can be so disruptive that it affects sleep quality, overall health and even threaten marriages. Rhinoplasty can be very effective in reducing snoring

No matter what you call it, “nose job” or “miracle”, thousands of men, women and children turn to rhinoplasty every year. Each one has their own unique reason, and the results are often life-changing.

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