More Crazy Alternatives To Nose Jobs

Humans have been trying to modify their looks since the dawn of time. Adam and Eve covered their bodies after eating from the tree of knowledge. The Chinese used to bind women’s feet to make them smaller. And deadly radioactive materials used to be added to cosmetics… on purpose. But just when I thought I had seen it all, along came “nose lifters.”

Some people are apparently being suckered into wearing little pieces of plastic in their noses to push their flesh into a more desirable shape. If this does in fact work, it is only temporary. And painful. The instructions advise only keeping the device in for an hour or so at a time until you get used to the pain!

This seems crazy. Nose jobs are not pain-free, but the pain is a one-time deal, not something you have to deal with every time you want your nose to look good.

There is also no reason to use a “nose lifter” to help you see what you would look like with a nose job. There is no way to predict exactly what you will look like with a nose job. Each face, each body, each underlying bone structure is different. Noses should fit the face and the body they are attached to, not look like a carbon copy of someone else’s nose.

While some doctors claim they can provide a digital image of what a patient will look like post-surgery, there is no guarantee that digital results can be replicated in real life. The same goes for “nose lifter” looks. What your nose looks like squished and stretched around a piece of plastic is not necessarily what it will look like after surgery.

If cost is the factor driving people toward “nose lifters,” that is understandable, but still regrettable. Many people overestimate the cost of rhinoplasty. Scheduling a consultation with a surgeon will give you a more realistic idea of what the surgery will cost. A surgeon can also determine if there are medical reasons for having the surgery, such as breathing problems, which can mean insurance will cover a portion of the costs of the procedure.

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