Differences in Nose Shapes for Men and Women

How important is it that a nose appear more masculine or more feminine?

The world is changing pretty fast. Whether you are a fan of globalization or an ardent believer in maintaining a particular cultural identity, it is next to impossible to not be affected by what is often called the “shrinking of the planet”, meaning constant and instant exposure to other countries and cultures. When this happens, the lines get blurred and we realize that what was once believed a hard and fast “rule”, is actually simply a preference.

A pertinent example of these challenged beliefs can easily be seen in body image. The ideal that everyone in a particular part of the world aspires to is often totally different for another. If we stop and really think about this, it would probably make life a lot less stressful. We could work toward what most benefits our health and well-being instead of following the latest fitness obsession. And, when it comes to nose surgery, we would choose the shape that best fits our particular face and not try to copy Kate Middleton’s or Angelina Jolie’s.   

Unfortunately, we are not quite there. Besides the desire to have the nose shape that looks so perfect on our favorite celebrity, there is the concern that too large a nose on women appears masculine and the reverse, too small a nose on men makes them look too feminine. Without getting into a philosophical discussion about gender characteristics, there is a basis for this based on societal perception.  

A common complaint of women when considering rhinoplasty is that the tip of the nose is too wide or bulbous. Unless this was extreme, it would not be an issue for most men. And, of course, for many women the overall goal of a nose job is to make the nose smaller with a daintier appearance. Rarely do men schedule a consultation for cosmetic surgery with this being a goal. Men considering a procedure to alter the shape of the nose more often want it straightened or an obvious hump reduced, while maintaining a natural look.

There is a famous example that generally leaps to mind when talking about rhinoplasty leading to a feminine appearance on a male face. Michael Jackson. We could write a book about the chronology and motivations of his seemingly never-ending quest for a body image that he could be happy with. After multiple procedures, his nose looked nothing like the one he was born with and did, in fact, appear feminine and out of place with the rest of his features. Was this the result of ill-advised surgeries or also due to frequent injections of steroids to reduce scar tissue, which had the side effect of also reducing skin thickness? We may never know for sure.

The controversy around Michael Jackson is not likely to be resolved anytime soon. The lesson, however, is simple. Everyone’s face is different and our uniqueness is worth being appreciated. Rhinoplasty is often life-changing in a wonderful way, but motivation and realistic expectations can be the difference between success and disaster. Find the most highly-skilled and experienced surgeon that you can and use that consultation to guide you in choosing the procedure that is right for you.

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