Dr. Geoffrey Tobias is an artist as well as a plastic surgeon. As a young man, Dr. Tobias was an avid painter and sculptor, entering Tufts University as an art major before becoming fascinated with science and medicine. His artistry is evident in every aspect of the rhinoplasty procedures he performs. Unlike many of his colleagues who “play the field” in plastic surgery, Dr. Tobias, whose background in art leads him to focus on detail, focuses on the nose. It is precisely this concentration on rhinoplasty that distinguishes him in the discipline, defining him as a perfectionist in his area of expertise.

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Early in his career

Early on in his career, Dr. Tobias was alarmed to see the “cookie cutter” upturned noses being surgically produced as if on an assembly line, without regard to the symmetry and balance of the individual patient’s face. Determined to remedy the operations that he perceived as deforming, and to perform surgeries that were natural and life-giving, he worked diligently to develop innovative techniques. His signature “nasal memory surgery” has guided rhinoplasty into a surgical field that provides external beauty without disturbing inner harmony and balance.
Michelangelo once said that he saw “the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” For  Dr. Tobias, there is inner beauty in each of his patient’s faces; his calling is to find that beauty and show it to the world. His skill and determination ensure that each of his patients ends up with what Dr. Tobias describes as “a natural-looking nose that fits the face…a nose that has balance and harmony with the rest of the facial features.” He takes pride in paying close attention not only to the patient’s face, but to the patient’s unique body build and bone structure as he works carefully and diligently to create the beauty his patient envisions while keeping the patient’s individuality intact.

"Your magic is far stronger than these “red ruby slippers”. My nose is truly a work of art."

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Maintaining consultation offices in Manhattan on Park Avenue, as well as in Englewood, New Jersey, Dr Tobias performs all of his surgeries at Englewood Hospital, a fully staffed, 24-hour facility that ensures the highest level of comfort and safety for his patients.