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Plastic Surgery Before 30

In such a surgery friendly climate, even old operations become new again. Rhinoplasty, formerly the sole preserve of aesthetically disgruntled teenagers, has reemerged as an age-reducing operation for the aging young. Geoffrey Tobias, MD., a rhinoplasty specialist suggests this because the nose remains the centerpiece of the face.

“A slightly bulbous nose, when you were eighteen years old looked cute,” Tobias said. “When you”re 35 years old, it doesn”t look so cute anymore, because the bulbous tip and the bump are associated with aging process.”

In fact Tobias believes that the youthful qualities of many of today”s older but still young female movie stars are nose-related.

“There are people who say that Michelle Pfeiffer has had her nose done,” he said. “I honestly don”t know. But that”s a nice nose. I also think Sharon Stone happens to have a beautiful nose.”

By Robert Sullivan

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