Millennials Are Changing the Shape of Nose Jobs

Is opinion changing when it comes to what is considered the perfect nose shape?

If you have never given any thought to how much you love your nose or hate it, there is probably one very good reason: it fits your face. Lots of people go through life totally oblivious to how their noses appear. Others look in the mirror and are unable to appreciate the beauty of their eyes or the tone of their skin because of the imaginary spotlight that shines entirely on the glaring imperfections of their nose.  

Sometimes this obsession with what is wrong or unappealing about the shape of the nose is understandable and warranted. There could be an exceptionally large dorsal hump, crookedness that is the result of an accident or birth defect or a number of other issues that lend to a less attractive appearance than what the individual would want. In other cases, however, the dissatisfaction may come, not from there being anything “off” about the nose, but, rather, the desire for the nose to be shaped according to current and arbitrary standards of perfection or to replicate the shape of someone famous. The list of most requested noses includes women like Natalie Portman, Emma Stone, Nicole Kidman and, in recent years, especially the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. For men, the more recent preferences have been Jude Law, followed by Josh Duhamel and Ben Affleck. At least, that has been the case until the millennials started making their changes.

The Millennial Effect on Nose Jobs

Some more than others, but every generation puts its stamp on cultural trends. Millennials seem to be the driving force right now. The oldest members are starting to approach 40 and their youngest are just about to enter college. These are the ones that marketers are targeting and who are making the decisions that today’s vernacular labels “trending”. The effect millennials are having on nose jobs is not only a reversal of past generations but is, actually, very positive. No longer is the intent that of removing all supposed imperfections and achieving a look that blends in with everyone else or mimics that of a celebrity. Instead, the definition of beauty is being expanded to include individuality and uniqueness. The trend is now to embrace what makes you stand out, what makes you “you”.

Rhinoplasty surgeons are now being asked to make conscious effort to not make the results of nose surgery too perfect or too symmetrical. How the nose fits in with the overall shape of the face, as well as the individual’s race and ethnicity are all considered important when deciding on the final results. This is true for those seeking nose surgery for the first time and for revision surgery. Many had nose jobs in their teens when the one-size-fits-all ideal was prevalent but are no longer pleased with the loss of their individuality.

Anyone considering a nose job should put consulting with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon at the top of the priority list. An open, frank discussion about motivation and expectations for the end result will greatly impact the success of the procedure.

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