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new jersey rhinoplasty examination “Getting a nose job” used to have some negative connotations. But in today’s culture, and in today’s world of living healthier lives, a “nose job” is actually now being seen as a positive self-improvement step.

Does it mean we are superficial? Not necessarily, especially when one understands the reasons that a person gets a “nose job,” also known as a rhinoplasty.
Rhinoplasty in New Jersey: Health Benefits

While a rhinoplasty procedure, or a “nose job” as it is called in current parlance, has always been considered a cosmetic procedure, there have been a number of these procedures done for positive health reasons.

Everyone needs oxygen in order for our human body to perform at a high level. Whether you are exercising, going through daily activities or just sleeping, the nose is the primary channel for air to get into the body and for air waste (mostly carbon dioxide) to be expelled from the body.

People are at an optimal level if their airways are free and wide open to take in as much air as possible and be equally thorough in expelling carbon dioxide.

Here are three specific benefits to getting rhinoplasty in New Jersey:

1. Breathing.

We have all been there, finding the latest and greatest way to open our air passages so we can breathe more deeply. We’ve all heard of, or even used, those external “breathe strips” that attach to the bridge of our noses to supposedly clear the airways.

While some of these products are effective, they are temporary and are not guaranteed to do the best work every time they are applied. What they ultimately do is serve as a band-aid and do not address the actual problem.

A deviated septum is a common issue that affects many people and their ability to breathe easily. Whether it came naturally or from past injuries, this condition is usually only best solved permanently with a rhinoplasty procedure, which can be done in Englewood, New Jersey, by one of the foremost surgical experts in the field.
Having a rhinoplasty in New Jersey can be a permanent solution to a deviated septum, helping you breathe more easily and can make you look even better than you do already, without it looking like you actually had a nose job.

2. Sleeping.

Sleep apnea, where the sleeper stops breathing for a period while unconscious, is a dangerous and sometimes fatal condition. And there are a large number of us in New Jersey who suffer from something as simple (but annoying) as snoring during the night.

Snoring is essentially a mild case of sleep apnea, where the body is not getting adequate air in order to breathe normally, and the body’s increased efforts to breathe causes the noise known as a snore. It signifies that there is some kind of blockage in the nose that prevents a free flow of air. This is why some people don’t snore when they are in certain positions, yet others snore no matter what.

While everyone may snore to a certain extent, when a person suffers from sleep apnea, their snoring is anything but ordinary. Being nothing at all, in fact, unless and until the sleeper chokes and gasps for air. Apnea is when the person actually stops breathing altogether because the airways are completely blocked. Both apnea and snoring are dangerous conditions by themselves due to the inhibited breathing, but also there is a health concern in terms of sleep or lack thereof.

It is one thing to get rest; it’s another thing to get actual sleep. A person who has a problem breathing while sleeping tends to have more restless sleep and may not get the minimum amount of restful, recuperative hours needed for the body to operate at an optimal level. And when the body does not get proper rest, it can lower the protection of the immune system and make you more susceptible to disease and infections, and you can suffer from a lack of mental focus and physical fatigue.

Getting a rhinoplasty in New Jersey from one of the foremost rhinoplasty surgeons in America will help your sleep by dramatically (and permanently) improving your breathing. A special procedure can be performed that will clear your nasal passages, dramatically reducing blockage that causes snoring and sleep apnea, to give you more restful and sound sleep with fewer sounds.

3. Better Health.

Who doesn’t want to have great or perfect health all the time? We all expect to have freedom of movement, free breathing, feel as good as we want to feel and we don’t want to let our family or co-workers down by being in bed and “useless” to the world.

We are made to be useful, and it’s hard to be that when you’re sick.

Head colds, allergies or various sinus infections can contribute much to a lack of health in many people. When our head doesn’t feel right, or we have trouble breathing, or we have to blow our nose a lot, we never feel like ourselves. We might actually feel worse than we physically are, and often our feeling contributes to our ability or belief in usefulness.

One of the causes of sinus infections is the buildup of bacteria in the nose, which comes from mucus being clogged and not having a free pathway to be expelled from the nose. When this happens, some part of the nasal passages is blocked or clogged because there is not a clean, open flow.

A rhinoplasty in New Jersey can help clear the nasal passages, make them more straight and open, reduce obstructions and allow for the mucus to leave in an efficient way so it cannot collect bacteria and become its own petri dish to allow bacteria to grow and spread and cause those irritating infections.

If you need or could use any one of these three positive benefits in your life, then you might want to consider rhinoplasty fin New Jersey from Dr. Geoffrey Tobias, a renowned surgeon who has performed more than 7,000 rhinoplasty procedures in more than 25 years of practice, and has cultivated patients from all around New England and the Mid-Atlantic states, even as far south as Atlanta. He even has worked on patients from all over the world including countries like Saudi Arabia, Holland, Germany and France. To get permanent relief from breathing trouble, a lack of sleep or nasal congestion, allergies or infections, considering a rhinoplasty in New Jersey can never be a waste of time.

“A Nose Job”: Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Now we get to what rhinoplasty in New Jersey has been customarily known as – a cosmetic procedure.

Sometimes, a broken nose doesn’t heal quite right. The person may still breathe fine, but the nose may look a little disfigured. Perhaps the face, which is naturally asymmetrical, looks a little unbalanced than usual because the nose looks too big or small for the face. Maybe there is an ugly bump or curvature of the nose that adds years to appearance.

Rhinoplasty, whether you are in Rumson, Upper Saddle River, or anywhere in between, is not something of which to be afraid or ashamed. With innovations and technology advancements in the field of rhinoplasty, it can become very difficult to tell that you got a nose job, even if for cosmetic reasons.
Dr. Geoffrey Tobias will consult with you to discuss your reasons for getting a rhinoplasty, determine whether a cosmetic reason is compelling enough for you and will go over the risks, benefits and possible side effects or consequences of such a procedure. But one thing you would not have to worry about in New Jersey is getting work done that doesn’t look like you’ve had work done.

Dr. Tobias’ experience and expertise is solely about the nose; he does not venture into other areas of plastic surgery. He knows your nose and will make sure you are satisfied that your nose will look natural as if it was always on your face just like that.

Getting a Rhinoplasty in New Jersey

Why New Jersey?

Dr. Geoffrey Tobias has been working in New Jersey, perfecting his art and science of effective rhinoplasty for more than 25 years. He is based in Englewood, New Jersey, and uses the award-winning surgical staff at Englewood Hospital for all his procedures, as he has developed a bond of trust and reliability with the anesthesiology department, considered one of the very best in the country.

Dr. Tobias is one of the few true rhinoplasty specialists in the world, as his practice is exclusively focused on the nose and rhinoplasty and nasal surgery. He has developed innovative techniques that reduce swelling and bruising, leave little scarring and as a result produce faster recovery times.

New Jersey is the Garden State, and having a well-functioning nose can help you appreciate a garden. And when you are a patient at Englewood Hospital, you will be treated with great care and respect by the entire staff, and Dr. Tobias only works with the best nurses, residents and anesthesiologists to make your procedure comfortable and harmonious.

New Jersey Rhinoplasty

Maybe you are in the market for a rhinoplasty for either health or cosmetic reasons. And there may be very good, professionally licensed rhinoplasty surgeons in your New Jersey neighborhood. But if you want the very best work done, getting a rhinoplasty in New Jersey with Dr. Tobias may well be the best investment of yourself you can find.

Even if you are living in New Jersey, or know someone who lives here, you have the benefit of being in the backyard of one of the world’s premier rhinoplasty surgeons.

Dr. Tobias loves New Jersey. He has had his office here for decades, and he only does his surgical procedures in the Garden State, at Enlgewood Hospital. Whether you are in Falls Hills, Tewksbury Township, Harding Township, Essex Fells, Chatham or virtually any other similar neighborhood in the state, access to Dr. Tobias’ practice is geographically and financially convenient.

It doesn’t take long to come see Dr. Tobias either in his Englewood office or in his Manhattan office on Park Avenue to get a consultation, and credit for financing a rhinoplasty procedure in New Jersey is quick and easy.

If you have trouble with self-confidence because of your nose, or if you are having breathing or sleeping problems because of your nasal passages, you owe yourself the best care and honesty when it comes to your nose and whether a rhinoplasty procedure will be right for you.

You have several reasons to visit Dr. Tobias. Whether the reason is health, aesthetics, convenience, experience and respect in the field or any combination, Dr. Tobias is a foremost authority on rhinoplasty in New Jersey and can help you.

The nose is a very important, functional part of the body that can also impact your appearance. Make a good impression and feel healthier with a rhinoplasty procedure from Dr. Tobias in New Jersey. Call today and schedule a free consultation.

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