New Nose for the New Year

While the holiday season is full of (sometimes overwhelming) merriment, the New Year is the time for fresh starts, resolutions to make positive changes. Although traditionally many people have tried to schedule rhinoplasty surgery between Thanksgiving and New Year’s to take advantage of vacation time from school or employment, in fact just after the holidays is often the best time to consider a cosmetic nose procedure. Speaking from many years of experience during which I have performed over 7,000 rhinoplasty surgeries, I find that scheduling the surgery in January or February is often optimal.

Reasons for Rhinoplasty after the Holidays

There are many reasons that scheduling cosmetic nose surgery early in the New Year, rather than during holiday vacation, is a good idea, including:

• The holidays are full of pleasure, but also full of stress
• During the holidays, time to spend with loved ones is at a premium
• The New Year is traditionally a time of reassessment and improvement
• Positive aesthetic changes can start the New Year off on the right foot
• Scheduling is much easier for both patient and doctor after January 1st

After all the holiday gift-giving you’ve focused on others, it can be peaceful and productive to carve out a space for yourself early in the New Year to give yourself the gift you’ve wanted for so long: a new nose.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Some of the most generous people in the world can be stingy when it comes to rewarding themselves, yet we all know, deep down, that we can’t love others if we don’t love ourselves. One way we express love for ourselves is in engaging in activities that increase our sense of self-worth. We may do this my helping others, by being productive in our work, by forming nourishing relationships — but we can also increase our sense of self-worth by redefining and improving ourselves.

For many people, this self-improvement can be aided by making aesthetic changes to one’s face. For those plagued by an underlying discomfort with their noses, a rhinoplasty by a highly skilled, artistic surgeon can make a tremendous difference. I have, I am happy to say, been able to improve not only the appearances, but the quality of life, of thousands of patients. It’s amazing what a difference a refinement of nasal appearance can make! Patients report not only feeling more attractive, but experiencing increased social comfort, ease of conversation, and self-confidence.

For the New Year, why not consider giving yourself the gift of a naturally beautiful nose sculpted to fit your individual facial contours? You could soon be feeling like one of my patients who wrote,”…I am so happy and looking forward to the future with my new nose.”

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