Pics Or It Didn’t Happen? – Plastic Surgery on Social Media

Historically, nose jobs and other cosmetic procedures have been something that people kept quiet. But as Bob Dylan sang, “…the times they are a’ changin’!” People are sharing more and more of their private lives online, and that includes being more open and honest about plastic surgery.

Reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson (Hef’s former girlfriend who rose to fame on Girls Next Door, and current star of Kendra On Top) recently got Botox on the advice of a close friend and fellow former Playmate, and she documented the whole procedure on Snapchat.

Now reality TV stars aren’t known for playing their cards close to the vest, so documenting your cosmetic procedures may not be a trend that the general public latches on to right away. However, one thing that is striking about the snaps Kendra shared is the fact that she seems to be sitting in front of a green screen during her procedure.

Green screens are commonly used in video production, so is Kendra’s doctor routinely documenting surgeries? Is this becoming a thing?

Apparently yes, and it goes even further than a couple of pictures. There are actually several doctors who have been recording and even live-streaming procedures on social media.

This represents a huge shift in how people think about plastic surgery. It used to be viewed as something that was very private, or even something that should be kept a secret. Perhaps we are moving toward a time when nose jobs will be celebrated rather than hidden? This would be a very positive development.

When people undergo rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons it is often a very emotional experience. Improving the appearance of your nose, can make a tremendous difference in your self-assessment, your sense of comfort inside your own skin, and your self-confidence. Just as the nose, the central feature of the face, can distract from the beauty of your eyes, hair, or even the resonance and meaning of your words, when properly shaped, the nose can help you redefine, even reinvent, yourself as the person you have always felt meant to be.

Sharing the joy and self-confidence that come when you change the appearance of your nose with your support network is important, and social media may make that easier to do.

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