Rhinoplasty: A Cost – Benefit Analysis

How can I know if getting a nose job will be worth the cost?

Despite the ever-increasing popularity of rhinoplasty, if you asked the average person on the street what it costs to get a nose job, it is unlikely that any but a very few would be able to even come close. One of the reasons for that is that there is such a wide range. The cost will change based on what exactly is done, the geographical location and the level of skill and experience of the surgeon.

But, there are more ways to look at cost than the obvious “how much do I write the check for?” Cost should always be related to benefit. It could be argued that something carries too high a price tag only if the benefit it supplies is not sufficient.

We have all seen those commercials that pop up from time to time with the punch line having to do with something being “priceless”. That could be one way to look at having nose surgery. If you struggle to take in enough oxygen due to a deviated septum or some other structural issue, then it would seem that the resulting improvement in your overall health and quality of life would fall somewhere in the priceless range. What about the teenager facing constant teasing and bullying due to an especially large or misshapen nose? Considering the potential damage at a time when self-esteem is so fragile, what would be too much to pay to literally change a life for the better?

When you sit down with your surgeon, the actual dollars and cents price should be spelled out in detail. That cost should be the same for the patient that sat in that chair earlier in the day as well as the one scheduled for tomorrow, changing only to account for differences in scope of procedure. Nose jobs are not necessarily cheap, and it hardly needs pointing out that you should not even consider going anywhere but to the best surgeon you can find. The cost of cutting corners on that is way more than anyone can afford. So, the actual price will be more toward the higher end.

It seems fairly obvious, however, that the true cost of something like rhinoplasty is, to a very large degree, subjective. What is it costing you to not have this surgery? Is this a whim? Or, is this something that could, quite literally, change your life? What is the benefit compared to the numbers on the other side of the dollar sign? Only you can determine what the real cost is because no one else has exactly the same motivators.

Of course, there are other factors to consider. If the surgery is for health reasons, then insurance should pay any medically-necessary costs. Even if only part of the procedure is structural and the rest cosmetic, insurance should pay a portion. Plus, there are programs that allow you to make payments and not have to come up with the entire amount at the time of your surgery. If this is a concern, be sure and address it during your initial consultation. When you weigh the cost to the benefit and recognize just how important it is, the last thing you want to have to do is wait.

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