The Royal Effect on Nose Jobs

Is there anything wrong with wanting to have the same nose as a celebrity?

There’s about to be a new princess in town! Stand in line at any grocery store across the U.S. and every magazine and tabloid lining the check-out area will have at least one photo of Meghan Markle, the American actress engaged to marry Prince Harry, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II. Walk into a rhinoplasty surgeon’s office, and you are quite likely to hear someone requesting to have their nose shaped to look like Markle’s. She has currently replaced her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, as well as multiple Kardashians as having the most often requested nose.

When we think of surgery, it usually involves fixing something that is wrong. This could be taking out an appendix that is malfunctioning or removing some sort of growth. It might be a caesarian performed due to a difficult birth. Surgical centers are kept busy doing these sorts of procedures and, while there is certainly attention directed toward appearance and scarring, that is more of a side issue. A nose job done for other than structural reasons is predominantly focused on appearance. It follows, then, that deciding just what that shape or look is going to be is extremely important.

How do you do that? How do you decide what you want your new nose to look like? Although there are injections and fillers and other temporary options, with the problems inherent with each, surgery is a permanent change. Of course, more surgery could be done if the choice was a poor one, but avoiding that should always be a priority. This makes choosing the nose you want and conveying exactly what your expectations are to your surgeon extremely important.

Going to a new hair stylist can be stressful enough. Trying to explain how you want your hair cut can be really difficult. What you would actually like is for them to be psychic and just “know”. Short of that, many people rely on photos of hair styles that they like, and, to be honest, photos of people they wish they looked like. Then, it’s up to the stylist to try and talk clients out of choices that would not look good based on hair type, the shape of the face and other factors.

A bad haircut can ruin your day: a poor choice for the shape of your nose is far more serious. There is nothing wrong with admiring the nose of a celebrity. The future Princess Meghan is a beautiful woman and her nose is perfect for her face. Finding pictures of noses, like hers, that you feel are attractive and show what kind of look you would like can be very helpful. Finding a highly-skilled and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon is, without question, the most essential part of the surgical process. Trusting that experience to guide you in the proper choice of nose shape that fits your face, personality and heritage will be the best choice that you can make.    

When you are ready to decide what shape of nose is best for you, the first step is choosing an experienced and highly trained surgeon. It wouldn’t hurt to find one who is also an artist. Dr. Geoffrey Tobias was recognized 12 times as “best in his field” by New York Magazine, and his artistry is evident in every aspect of the rhinoplasty procedures he performs. You could not make a better decision than to request a consultation with Dr. Tobias. To start that process, simply click here.

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