The Advantages of Closed Rhinoplasty

For many years, rhinoplasty has been performed in one of two ways, as an open or closed procedure. The former, as the name implies, is more invasive, requiring an incision between the nostrils. During the closed procedure, perfected by pioneers like Dr. Tobias, however, the surgeon is able to perform all of the requisite complex tasks through the natural openings of the nostrils.

Dr. Tobias was instrumental in perfecting the closed procedure, which he now performs exclusively. In the process, he developed a remarkably innovative 3-dimensional model of the nose, which he uses to educate groups of nasal surgeons from all over the world. Closed rhinoplasty became, in his hands, an artistic undertaking.

The closed rhinoplasty, because it is less invasive than the open procedure, has many distinctive advantages, including:

  • No visible scarring
  • Very little pain
  • Less postoperative bruising and swelling
  • No uncomfortable packing
  • Shorter recovery period

A closed rhinoplasty usually takes about 2 hours, but may run longer in certain complicated cases. The patient, of course, will be untroubled during the procedure because he or she will be under general anesthesia while being carefully monitored. Upon waking, the patient will be groggy, but able to begin the process of rapid healing. Over the coming days and weeks, the patient will become increasingly pleased with the man or woman in the mirror.

“This is the nose I used to imagine and wished for. I thank you from the bottom of my heart…”

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