Will Having A Nose Job Impact My Sense Of Smell?

Your sense of smell is an important part of your life. It can give you great pleasure, warn you of danger, and is your sense of taste’s BFF. If you have a “billion dollar nose,” your sense of smell might even land you a job! Because of its importance, many people wonder if having a nose job will impact their sense of smell. The answer is both yes and no.

The part of your nose that is most responsible for smelling things is deep inside the nostrils, nearer to your eyes than the tip of your nose, so scent molecules can have a hard time reaching that area when the nose is swollen. This means that immediately after having a nose job, and your nose is swollen, your sense of smell will be diminished. Because your sense of taste is tied so closely to your sense of smell, you may also find that foods are less flavorful during your recovery period. If you have ever had a really bad head cold or sinus infection you have probably experienced a similar loss of smell and taste.

As your nose heals and the swelling goes down, your sense of smell will gradually come back. Most people regain their sense of smell and the richness it adds to the sense of taste within a month of going under the knife.

Only in exceedingly rare circumstances will your sense of smell be permanently diminished because you had a nose job. In fact, some people can actually smell things better after surgery than they could before surgery because they have better airflow in their nose.

Two of the benefits of closed rhinoplasty, which is the type of surgery most commonly done by Dr. Tobias, is less swelling and a faster recovery time. Thanks to these factors, people who have closed rhinoplasty typically regain their sense of smell faster than people who have had traditional open rhinoplasty.

If you are particularly worried about how your sense of smell will be impacted if you have a nose job, you should make sure you choose a good doctor, and then talk with them in-person about your concerns.

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