10 Benefits of Rhinoplasty Surgery

What are some of the main benefits of having rhinoplasty surgery?

According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) more than 17 million cosmetic surgical procedures were performed in the United States in 2016. Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a “nose job”, is one of the most popular of these surgeries. Thousands of men, women and children turn to rhinoplasty every year for aesthetic as well as functional issues. For many of these individuals, the results are life-changing.

Too often, however, our perceptions are influenced as we are waiting to check out at the grocery store. There are few things the tabloids like better than a juicy article rather loosely based on the recent, and, of course, “secret” nose job of a famous person. Speculation is rife with claims of someone trying to recapture faded youth or hold a wandering love interest. Usually, the only thing missing in these accounts is anything based on actual fact. Attention-grabbing speculation may sell papers, but do not expect to learn anything about what can be accomplished with cosmetic surgery or see unedited photos depicting results.

Specific Benefits of Rhinoplasty

In reality, there are many reasons for rhinoplasty surgery. Generally speaking, most procedures are done to either improve appearance by altering the shape or changing the size of the nose or to alleviate an issue caused by a structural abnormality or injury. Some of the more specific benefits are detailed below:

  1. Confidence – improving confidence is the number one motivator for a nose job.
  2. Improve breathing – individuals with long-term, even congenital breathing issues, are often astounded at the difference rhinoplasty can make for them.
  3. Fix broken nose – whether from falling, an accident or a fight, the resulting nasal deformity can negatively affect appearance and function, as well as induce pain.
  4. Sinus problems – constantly feeling congested, difficulty breathing and severe headaches are all related to sinus issues which can be alleviated through nose surgery.
  5. Revision rhinoplasty – sometimes surgical outcomes are not what we hoped for and a second or revision procedure is necessary.
  6. Correct birth defects – lumps, masses, clefts, underdevelopment, etc. Nowhere is the life-changing potential of rhinoplasty more dramatic than in the correction of birth defects.
  7. Restore facial symmetry – a wide variety of issues can be addressed, such as a misshapen or crooked nose or a bulbous tip to the nose.
  8. Bullying – according to the National Center for Educational Studies, nearly one in three students in the U.S. are bullied. Much of that bullying centers on “looking different” and many parents are turning to cosmetic surgery as one of the ways to help.
  9. Snoring – the disruption created by snoring is often treated as a joke but is actually quite serious and contributes to poor sleep quality as well as significant relationship problems.
  10. Career – nose surgery increases the level of confidence which translates to stronger job performance. Plus, all fairness aside, appraisal reviews and promotions often correspond to younger and attractive appearance.

As you have probably realized, there are many reasons to consider rhinoplasty. What is most important is to be clear on what it can do for you, personally. Once your decision to proceed has been reached, you could not make a better decision than consulting with Dr. Geoffrey Tobias, New York City’s only plastic surgeon exclusively practicing rhinoplasty. To request a consultation, simply click here.

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