Albany Residents: If You Want the Best, Come to the Big Apple!

Residents of the Capital Region are prepared to travel for the finest — in entertainment, fashion, vacation destinations, and even cosmetic surgery. They are cosmopolitan and savvy, so when they seek to improve their facial contours, they are looking not only for skill, but for artistry. Many have already heard that the best cosmetic nasal surgeon anywhere is Dr. Geoffrey Tobias, a gifted innovator in the field of rhinoplasty, with offices in Englewood, New Jersey.

The reason patients travel to put themselves in the skilled and gentle hands of Dr. Tobias is that he has a background in art as well as outstanding credentials as a surgeon, and is one of only a handful of plastic surgeons whose entire career has been spent specializing exclusively in rhinoplasty. His reputation in the field is unparalleled. In addition to having performed more than 7,000 nasal procedures over the past 25 years, Dr. Tobias has been awarded the nation’s Top Research Award by the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and in recent years, has been honored to be elected by his peers to the most prestigious position of his profession: President of the Rhinoplasty Society.

When Making a Life-Altering Decision, Do the Research

If you have experienced discomfort or embarrassment about the size of shape of your nose, you are not alone. Many patients hope that improving their noses may alter other aspects of their life. In fact, the vast majority of Dr. Tobias’ patients find that having a rhinoplasty by a gifted surgeon provides them with increased self-confidence, improved personal relationships, and even potential career enhancement.

You don’t decide to have cosmetic surgery on a whim but carefully weigh the pros and cons. You should exercise the same care in choosing your surgeon. When you choose Dr. Tobias, you are choosing one of the most highly ranked surgeons in the field. Check out his website, his bio, his testimonials and his before and after images.

Dr. Tobias only performs closed rhinoplasty surgery, a procedure he himself perfected. Because during a closed procedure all incisions are made through the nostrils, inside the nose, patients experience the following advantages:

  • No scarring
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Minimal bruising and swelling
  • Rapid recovery period

Never approving of assembly-line noses, he sets out to make each patient’s nose harmonize with other facial features. His goal is to provide each person with the most beautiful version of the natural self. Dr. Tobias is known for the “un-nose job,” about which people wonder, “Did she or didn’t she have a natural rhinoplasty?”

Dr. Tobias works out of Englewood, New Jersey. All of his surgeries are performed in the surgical unit of The Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, a state-of-the-art facility, with an internationally renowned department of anesthesiology. His patients’ comfort and safety are always Dr. Tobias’s first priority.

Specifics of Rhinoplasty with Dr. Tobias

If you are coming from out of the area, you should plan for an average stay of 8 days in New Jersey. You should also plan to have someone stay with you for at least a day or two after the surgery to make sure you are entirely over the effects of the anesthesia.

All rhinoplasties are performed on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. To be absolutely certain that you receive appropriate care immediately after the operation, Dr. Tobias requires that out-of-town patients stay over in the surgical unit the night following the surgery. After that, you can return to your hotel.

Postsurgically, you will have a cast over your nose to protect it until the following Monday when you will return to the New Jersey office to have it removed. Most patients are able to return home on the day following the cast removal.

Convenient Places to Stay in Englewood

We recommend two hotels nearby: The Clinton Inn in Tenafly and The Crowne Plaza in Englewood. Both are about a mile from the hospital. They are both comfortable and accommodating; The Clinton Inn, however, has the advantage of being in walking distance of eateries and a movie theatre.

How to Get to Dr. Tobias

There are several ways to make the trip from Albany Englewood. Though many patients are comfortable driving, it is also possible to fly to LaGuardia, JFK or Newark, or to take the train or the bus.

To get to our office in Englewood, located at 140 Sylvan Ave (corner of Middlesex Ave), you can drive and park on our on-site spacious parking lot or use public transportation.

No matter how you make the trip to Dr. Tobias for your rhinoplasty procedure — you will be glad you came! If you have questions or would like to request a consultation, please call us in New Jersey at 201.567.6770.

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