Can I keep my ethnic appearance if I have a nose job? Do I have to?

Doctors who perform rhinoplasty have to be artists as well as skilled surgeons and part of being an artist is having the ability to assess, as well as create, beauty. Although no two noses are alike, and each facial aesthetic is unique, there are elements that help define an attractive nasal structure. Generally speaking, noses that are considered attractive are symmetrical, centered between the eyes and vertically aligned. That being said, there is an endless variety of beautiful noses, differing in size and shape. Most important in assessing the beauty of a nose is how it fits naturally with the contours of the face as a whole. While some of this natural fit has to do with individual facial structure, gender, and even body build, some also pertains to ethnicity.

Being True to Your Heritage as well as Yourself

Even when people are eager to change their nasal shape, most want to remain true to themselves and their ethnicity. The finest rhinoplasty procedures are usually those that maintain all that is beautiful about an individual’s face and heritage while doing away with imperfections and distractions. Skilled surgeons are able to remove bumps, repair hooks or droopy nasal tips, and improve nostrils that may be too pinched or excessively flared.

In seeking the very best cosmetic nasal surgeon, you should be looking for a doctor who specializes exclusively in rhinoplasty and who is, therefore, completely focused on your particular needs. While years ago, most patients were looking for a classic (meaning Greco-Roman) nose, now most understand that such a nose will not look natural on every face. Facial harmony is the key to beauty. If you end up with a “perfect” nose that appears awkward on your face, you have defeated the purpose of the rhinoplasty.

Nowadays, most people recognize that beautiful facial features are tremendously variable and almost no one is seeking the easily discernible “cookie cutter” nose jobs of the 60s. Patients are no longer trying simply to blend in and avoid the embarrassment of a misshapen nose; they are trying to look like an individual deserving of positive attention. In addition, more and more people are embracing their own ethnicities and recognizing that the modern world is a diverse one, full of all kinds of ethnic combinations. Nonetheless, there are individuals who want to “Westernize” their nose, but only to the degree that maintains the aesthetic balance of their face. These days, there are many ways to fit in with one’s heritage without being bound by it.

A talented cosmetic surgeon who works exclusively on rhinoplasty procedures will be able to help you become your most beautiful self, whether you are looking to maintain a strong ethnic appearance or just improve the face you present to the world.

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