FAQs About Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery is a major self-investment in one’s beauty and confidence. While the procedure comes at a price, many patients report the upsurge in personal assurance far outweighs the cost of the procedure. However, for some rhinoplasty patients (not ours!), the results were not all they had hoped for – leading many to consider the option of revision rhinoplasty surgery. The following discusses some of the most common question surrounding this procedure, followed by the best course of action for anyone considering a revision surgery to correct a previous rhinoplasty.

What are some of the most common reasons for a revision rhinoplasty?

There are a number of personal reasons why a patient might consider a revision surgery. Most notably, revisions are sought when a certain feature of the nose – which was the entire purpose of the rhinoplasty to begin with – is not adequately addressed by the procedure. Other reasons for a revision include improper healing, unaddressed underlying medical issues (i.e., deviated septum) or simply a change in taste requiring an updated look.

What are the risks of a second rhinoplasty?

In general, the risks of a second rhinoplasty are no different than the risks associated with the original procedure. While quite rare, a revision surgery could cause hemorrhage or infection in the nasal area. As always, a secondary rhinoplasty patient should take care to follow the physician’s discharge instructions, which include specific instructions on sleep position to allow the nose to heal properly and symmetrically.

How many revisions are possible?

While is it never advised to seek the same repetitive surgery over and over, a rhinoplasty patient who is unhappy with his or her appearance is generally encouraged to seek a revision until the results are optimal. Of course, patients must heal completely from the primary rhinoplasty before seeking a revision – and are encouraged to give their primary rhinoplasty a chance to fully heal and settle before seeking a revision.

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