Miami residents are known to be seekers of the very best — in climate, scenery, comfort, and activities. Many Floridians have already discovered that traveling north for cosmetic nasal surgery is well worth the trip. This is because Dr. Geoffrey Tobias, considered by many of his colleagues and just about all of his patients to be the best rhinoplasty surgeon anywhere, practices out of Englewood, New Jersey. Since many people in Miami travel north to visit with family and friends, and some already come north for specific types of medical care, it makes sense to consider a short plane ride to have a rhinoplasty that will undoubtedly make positive changes in your quality of life.

Dr. Tobias, with outstanding credentials in rhinoplasty as well as a background in art, is well-known for his ability to perform surgeries that help his patients present a more beautiful facial appearance while retaining their own identities.

When you travel to Dr. Tobias, you are placing yourself in the hands of an expert committed to creating an enhanced version of your true self. Not only will he correct a disturbing nasal hump, hook, droopy tip, or misshapen nostrils, he will help remove the emotional discomfort you may have experienced for years. Dr. Tobias’ patients, as can be seen in his glowing testimonials, is capable of helping you regain your self-esteem, function more easily in social situations, and even move forward in your career.

Why You Should Make the Trip from Miami for Your Nose Job

There are a number of reasons it is worth your while to come north from Miami for your rhinoplasty. Among them are Dr. Tobias’ outstanding credentials as:

  • One of the only plastic surgeons who focuses exclusively on rhinoplasty, having perfected closed surgery which involves no external incisions and, therefore, no scarring
  • A rhinoplasty surgeon who will refine your nose in such a way that it blends aesthetically with your other facial features.
  • A plastic surgeon who has focused exclusively on rhinoplasty for his entire career and has performed well over 7,000 nasal procedures.
  • A recently President of the Rhinoplasty Society, the discipline’s most prestigious honor.

Furthermore, there are a number of reasons that patients prefer to travel to the tri-state area for their rhinoplasty procedures, such as:

  • Being away from the distractions and responsibilities of home
  • Being away from acquaintances and colleagues during the brief recovery period
  • Being in a region of the country known for its excellent medical care, hospitals, and anesthesiologists
  • Being able to return home, after a brief “vacation” with a new improved nose

For many patients, leaving Miami for a rhinoplasty makes the life-altering experience feel all the more like an adventure — a trip into a new life.

Getting to Dr. Tobias: The Best Closed Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Dr. Tobias works out of Englewood, New Jersey. All of his surgeries, however, are performed in the surgical unit of The Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, a state-of-the-art facility, providing patients with the highest level of care.

What to Expect

If you are coming from out of the area, you should plan for an average stay of 8 days in New Jersey. You should also plan to have someone stay with you for at least a day or two after the surgery to make sure you are entirely over the effects of the anesthesia.

All rhinoplasties are performed on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. To be absolutely certain that you receive appropriate care immediately after the operation, Dr. Tobias requires that out-of-town patients stay over in the surgical unit the night following the surgery. After that, you can return to your hotel.

Postsurgically, you will have a cast over your nose to protect it until the following Monday when you will return to the New Jersey office to have it removed. Most patients are able to return home on the day following the cast removal.

How to Get to Dr. Tobias

The trip from Miami to Englewood is a short 3-hour flight to LaGuardia, JFK or Newark. For those uncomfortable with flying, Amtrak trains are also available.

Convenient Places to Stay in Englewood

We recommend two hotels nearby: The Clinton Inn in Tenafly and The Crowne Plaza in Englewood. Both are about a mile from the hospital. They are both comfortable and accommodating; The Clinton, however, has the advantage of being in walking distance of eateries and a movie theatre.

To get to our office in Englewood, located at 140 Sylvan Ave (corner of Middlesex Ave), you can drive and park on our on-site spacious parking lot or use public transportation.

However you come to Dr. Tobias for your rhinoplasty procedure — you will be glad you made the trip! Take a look at our website to see before and after images that attest to Dr. Tobias’ extraordinary expertise. If you have questions or would like to request a consultation, please call us in New Jersey at 201.567.6770.