People who live in New Haven frequently make trips to other parts of the Northeast. Though they live in a city with many cultural, entertainment, shopping, and educational attractions (Yale University comes to mind!), they, like so many others, frequently travel to Broadway shows, out-of-town shopping, concerts, museums and amusement parks.

In these days of lengthy commutes, the trip from New Haven to Manhattan or adjacent areas of New Jersey does not seem daunting. Many New Haven citizens, at least some of the time, make the hour-and-a-half commute and many others travel the short distance for particular types of medical care. For those seeking cosmetic nasal surgery with the very best rhinoplasty surgeon in the vicinity, Dr. Geoffrey Tobias, who practices out of Englewood, New Jersey, it seems well worth the trip.

What makes Dr. Tobias unique?

Dr. Tobias is a world-renowned surgeon in the field of rhinoplasty. Though of course you will want to do your own research on the matter by checking out his newly designed website and researching his outstanding credentials, here are some compelling reasons for you to make the quick trip for your elective surgery:

  • Tobias is one of a handful of plastic surgeons who performs rhinoplasty exclusively
  • Tobias has a background as an artist as well as a surgeon
  • Tobias recently served as President of the Rhinoplasty Society
  • Tobias has done extensive innovative research in the field and has won the nation’s

Top Research Award of the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery

  • Tobias spearheaded the movement away from “cookie cutter” noses to individualized natural beauty
  • Tobias has performed over 7,000 rhinoplasty procedures
  • Tobias has perfected the closed rhinoplasty procedure which results in minimal discomfort, bruising and swelling, no scarring, and a more rapid recovery

The Trip that Begins with a Single Step

If you live in New Haven and are considering having rhinoplasty surgery, you are surely aware that the decision you’re about to make will be life-altering. By changing a facial feature that has undoubtedly made you self-conscious and uncomfortable for years, you are embarking on a journey to improve your self-esteem, your social and intimate relationships, and your workplace interactions. Surely it makes sense for such a momentous journey to begin with a small trip to meet with one of the world’s top experts in the field.

Whatever perceived defect about your nose is steering you towards surgery — a hump, pinched or flared nostrils, an abnormally wide bridge, a droopy tip or a hook — you can count on Dr. Tobias not only to rid you of the specific problem, but to create the most aesthetically pleasing version of your facial self. His sense of artistry is evident when you take a look at the before and after images of his patients. Make sure as you do your preliminary research that you check out Dr. Tobias’s media acclaim in The New York Times, Cosmopolitan magazine and his featured appearances on CBS-TV and Fox 5 TV News broadcasts.

Most of all, don’t forget to read the heartfelt testimonials by patients who consider Dr. Tobias to be not only a gifted surgeon, but something of a magician.

Dr. Tobias works out of Englewood, New Jersey. All of his surgeries, however, are performed in the surgical unit of The Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, a state-of-the-art facility, providing patients with the highest level of care and world famous anesthesiologists.

Getting to Dr. Tobias

Most people prefer to drive from New Haven to Englewood, but trains and buses are also available.

What to Expect

If you are coming from out of the area, you should plan for an average stay of 8 days in New Jersey. You should also plan to have someone stay with you for at least a day or two after the surgery to make sure you are entirely over the effects of the anesthesia.

All rhinoplasties are performed on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. To be absolutely certain that you receive appropriate care immediately after the operation, Dr. Tobias requires that out-of-town patients stay over in the surgical unit the night following the surgery. After that, you can return to your hotel.

Postsurgically, you will have a cast over your nose to protect it until the following Monday when you will return to the New Jersey office to have it removed. Most patients are able to return home on the day following the cast removal.

Convenient Places to Stay in Englewood

We recommend two hotels nearby: The Clinton Inn in Tenafly and The Crowne Plaza in Englewood. Both are about a mile from the hospital. They are both comfortable and accommodating; The Clinton, however, has the advantage of being in walking distance of eateries and a movie theatre.

How to Get to Dr. Tobias

There are several ways to make the short trip from New Haven to Englewood. Though most patients are comfortable driving, you can also take Metro North or the bus.

To get to our office in Englewood, located at 140 Sylvan Ave (corner of Middlesex Ave), you can drive and park on our on-site spacious parking lot or use public transportation.

However you come to Dr. Tobias for your rhinoplasty procedure — you will be glad you made the trip! If you have questions or would like to request a consultation, please call us in New Jersey at 201.567.6770.