Pros and Cons of Teenage Nose Jobs

How do you know if it is helpful or harmful to allow your teenager to get a nose job?

It’s hard to argue when people are quick to point out how difficult it can be for teenagers these days. It is true that today’s world seems to spin a lot faster than it used to, and everyone, young and old, has trouble keeping up. And, yes, there are certain things that are more prevalent now, like the vast proliferation of drugs, but are the issues parents worry about in relation to their teens all that different than they were for previous generations?

Parents realize very soon after bringing that first baby home from the hospital that, while there may be aisles of how-to books on raising children, most learning is on-the-job training. Wanting what is best for them and knowing how to make the right decisions to ensure that will happen are often two very different things.

One decision that is becoming fairly commonplace for today’s parent that was not the case in even the recent past, is whether to approve of a teen’s request to have surgery to alter the appearance of their nose. A nose job, or rhinoplasty, is done for basically two different reasons. One is to address a health-related issue, such as a deviated septum or sinus issues. That one is easy and not much different than making the decision to have tonsils out or braces for misaligned teeth. But, what if a child is unhappy with the way they look? This one is not so simple.

Nose reshaping is increasingly popular for young people and is, currently, the most common cosmetic procedure for American teens. Done on an outpatient basis, the surgery is performed and the patient goes home the same day. Physically, it is only necessary for the nose to have reached its adult size, which is around 15 for girls and boys. Knowing whether someone is emotionally mature enough for such a decision is much harder to determine. Parents and doctors must spend sufficient time interacting with the teen to understand their motivation and help them make the best choice, which may well change from one individual to another.

Self-esteem is important at any age but, especially, for adolescents. How they feel about themselves is affected by a wide range of factors. Some of the more common teenage stressors include:

  • Academic expectations
  • Peer pressure to try new things, like drinking, smoking or drugs
  • Puberty and confusion about bodily changes
  • Problems with friends and boyfriend/girlfriend issues
  • Traumatic events, such as accidents, sickness or death of a close friend or family member
  • Competition with grades or sports
  • Feeling different or not fitting in
  • Bullying

Having trouble with a boyfriend or girlfriend or wanting to find a way to fit in might not be a good reason for rhinoplasty, at any age. Bullying, on the other hand, and being ridiculed or made fun of because of an especially large or misshapen nose might fall into a totally different category. In fact, reshaping a nose that is seriously causing damage to a teen’s self-esteem can be life changing.

If you believe that your teenager might benefit from nose reshaping, you could not make a better decision than consulting with Dr. Geoffrey Tobias, whose experience, compassion and dedication have combined to have him recognized 12 times as “best in his field” by New York Magazine.  To request a consultation, simply click here.

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