Why Teenagers Want Rhinoplasty Surgery

What are some of the reasons teens want rhinoplasty?

During the teen years people are typically at their most self-conscious. Adolescents are more sensitive and self-critical than other age groups and are trying with all their might to fit in with their peers. It is not surprising then that teenagers look for ways to “fix” parts of them they deem defective. As we all know, they experiment with their hair, nails, speech, clothing and make-up. If they can, many have various parts of their bodies pierced and/or tattooed. No wonder they consider altering their appearance with rhinoplasty.

Parents are, and should be, cautious about meeting all of their teenagers’ demands, but when adolescents are seriously concerned about their facial appearance, parents should definitely get involved in a meaningful conversation about the problem. There are many factors to be considered, particularly because a rhinoplasty will alter the face more or less permanently.

Sharing Viewpoints Is Important

While the adolescent may crave self-improvement, their parents may be sensitive to any substantial changes in their offspring, experiencing these as a rejection of family resemblance or ethnicity. After all, they have loved this child unconditionally with this nose for well over a decade. Still, it is important that everyone’s feelings be honestly discussed and for parents to remain open-minded to their child’s point of view.

It is well-known that a rhinoplasty can improve a teenager’s self-esteem, making a marked difference in self-perception, social interactions, and sense of overall well-being. The nose is, after all, the central feature of the face; in many ways it introduces us before we introduce ourselves. Since modern medicine makes the shape of the nose alterable, having a “nose job” by an artistically gifted surgeon who specializes in this field alone may actually make a substantive difference in your child’s quality of life.

There are many reasons for having a rhinoplasty; some are functional and others are cosmetic. At times, the two are interrelated, for instance when the nostrils are pinched, restricting air flow as well as appearing unattractive. Functional reasons for rhinoplasty are normally not controversial. Parents and their teens can agree that any malformation that makes breathing more difficult should be repaired, whether it stems from a congenital defect or is the result of an accident or an assault.

Valid Reasons for Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Even when the nose is functioning well as a respiratory organ, its appearance can be having a negative effect on your teenager’s quality of life. Some of the malformations of the nose that make individuals consider rhinoplasty are:

  • Nasal humps
  • Crooked or asymmetrical noses
  • Noses that are too small or too large for the face
  • Nostrils that are overly flared or excessively pinched

If your teen is deeply troubled by his or her nose, it can become a symbol of imperfection or peculiarity, an experienced magnet for social exclusion or derision. Such strong feelings should not be ignored because they can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and even self-loathing. A rhinoplasty, when performed by a compassionate, highly skilled professional, can make a significant positive change in an adolescent’s life, leading to an enhanced sense of self-worth that will continue into adulthood.

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