Dr. Tobias, Noted Rhinoplasty Expert, Launches Exciting New Website

For those considering cosmetic nose surgery, there is a must-see new website in town. Rhinoplasty.com has launched an impressive, entirely up-to-date website filled with technological advances that enable patients to access information quickly and easily.

Whether you are exploring the possibility of rhinoplasty for the first time or have been researching the topic thoroughly to find the best possible surgeon for the job, rhinoplasty.com will prove to be an invaluable resource.

Information at Your Fingertips

On this innovative website, you will learn:

  • Reasons for rhinoplasty
  • Why closed rhinoplasty is preferable to open surgery
  • Precisely how the minimally invasive procedure is performed
  • How smooth the typical recovery period is
  • Emotional, as well as aesthetic benefits of rhinoplasty
  • Why Dr. Tobias is the best possible surgeon for this procedure
  • Answers to frequently asked questions concerning the procedure

You will also be able to see an ample array of before and after images of Dr. Tobias’ patients and an abundance ofpersonal testimonials to him in his patients own words.

Dr. Geoffrey Tobias: The Rhinoplasty Specialist

As you look at rhinoplasty.com, you will no doubt be impressed by Dr. Tobias’ outstanding credentials, innovative techniques, concern with each individual patient, and commitment to the artistry, as well as the surgical techniques, of his profession. Not only has Dr. Tobias performed over 7,000 rhinoplasty operations, he is one of the only doctors anywhere to focus on rhinoplasty procedures alone.

Tobias Presenting at Grand Rounds at Lenox Hill

We are proud to announce that, in keeping with his constant commitment to teaching as well as learning, Dr. Tobias will soon be presenting at Grand Rounds at Lenox Hill Hospital. Grand Rounds, which originated as a part of residency training, is now an integral component of medical education where experts in their fields teach clinical reasoning skills as well as cutting-edge information. This is only the latest in Dr. Tobias’ extensive list of accomplishments.

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